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Collaborative Intent

How do you approach life? Collaboratively or from an adversarial position?

The number one skill of working together to achieve the best outcomes for all parties is Collaborative Intention. The underpinning attitude, general desire or plan to accomplish something. This intention is a choice of two fundamental attitudes; one authentic and non-defensive and the second aggressive and defensive.

Stopping and pausing to ask ourselves about our intent is fundamental to building collaborative relationships. Those individuals who approach life from this position are called, Green Zone or thriving individuals:

  • People who take responsibility for the circumstances of their lives

  • Seek to respond non-defensively.

  • Are not easily threatened psychologically.

  • Attempt to build a mutual success.

  • Seek solutions rather than blame.

  • Use persuasion rather than force.

  • Can be firm but not rigid.

  • Think both short term and long term.

  • Are interested in other’s point of view.

  • Welcome feedback.

  • See conflict as a natural part of a human condition.

  • Talk calmly and directly about difficult issues.

  • Accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

  • Continuously seek deeper levels of understanding

  • Communicate a caring attitude.

  • Seek excellence rather than a victory.

  • Listen well.

Radical Collaboration Tamm & Luyet

Life in the Green Zone has multiple benefits to you as a person and those you encounter.

Which attitude do you choose?

Not sure how, check out our Radical Collaboration workshop that will guide you and provide you with the tools.

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