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Annette Ryan


Leadership Insight

Leadership Insights

Take the first step towards personal and professional growth by enrolling in our intensive leadership insight course.

Delve into Emotional Intelligence and enhance self-awareness. 

Radical Collaboration

Ready to revolutionise your collaboration skills? Join our Radical Collaboration course and unlock the power of effective teamwork.

Bespoke Design


Looking for something a bit different? 

Chat with Annette regarding a custom workshop designed to meet your specific organisational needs, ensuring maximum relevance and effectiveness in addressing your unique challenges and goals.

Leadership Insights


This four-day intensive Leadership Insight is designed to empower leaders with a deep understanding of themselves and their leadership style.  Through a combination of interactive sessions, self-reflection exercises, and group discussions, participants will gain valuable insights into their strengths, weaknesses and unique leadership qualities.  This workshop aims to enhance self-awareness and provide practical tools for leaders to navigate challenges, build effective teams, and foster a positive organisational culture. 

  • Session 1 – Foundations of Self-Awareness

  • Session 2 – Emotional Intelligence in Leadership 

  • Session 3 – Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses 

  • Session 4 – Effective Communication and Connection 

  • Session 5 – Leading Through Adversity 

  • Session 6 – Sustaining Self-Awareness

What You Can Expect
Throughout the four days you will participate in thought-provoking activities, discussions, and practical exercises to deepen your self-awareness and enhance your leadership effectiveness.  This programme is designed to ensure a supportive and safe environment for leaders to connect with themselves, their peers, and their teams fostering a culture of growth and excellence. 


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Investment  *$2,600 ex gst

*Investment does not include accommodation or evening meals

Radical Collaboration


Embark on a personal journey of transformation with Radical Collaboration – an indispensable skill that goes beyond buzzwords, essential for navigating today's ever-changing business landscape. In the dynamic world of contemporary business, collaboration becomes the linchpin for personal triumph and growth.

This workshop experience illuminates the urgency to invest in training, laying the groundwork for a culture of collaboration within the workforce. By acquiring essential skills, you can personally contribute to elevating teamwork, fostering innovation, and enhancing overall personal and professional effectiveness.

Collaboration isn't just a nice-to-have; it's the key to achieving personal objectives, fostering innovation, and adapting to change. However, mastering successful collaboration requires specific skills and strategies that can be cultivated through targeted training initiatives.

It's clear that individuals thriving in collaboration consistently outshine those entangled in conflict and inefficiency. Challenges such as siloed thinking, communication breakdowns, and a lack of cross-functional understanding often hinder personal collaboration, resulting in missed opportunities and decreased engagement.

Radical Collaboration takes you beyond conventional methods, introducing an entirely new approach to navigating relationships, negotiating deals, and building alliances. It's the definitive guide for you to effectively manage relationships, negotiate deals, and forge partnerships. Embrace the future of collaboration and revolutionise the way you navigate your personal and professional endeavours.


Objectives for the training:

  • Cultivate collaborative cultures within organisations.

  • Enhance communication and information sharing among teams.

  • Improve problem solving and decision making through collaboration.

  • Increase innovation and creativity by leveraging diverse perspectives


The five skills of Collaboration covered in the workshop.

  • Collaborative Intention

  • Truthfulness

  • Self-Accountability

  • Self-Awareness and Awareness of Others

  • Interest Based Problem Solving

What You Can Expect
Radical Collaboration is your definitive guide to navigating relationships, negotiating deals, and building partnerships. Embrace the future of collaboration, revolutionizing the way you navigate personal and professional endeavours.

  • Elevated Team Dynamics: Instil enhanced productivity, effective communication, and conflict resolution skills within your team(s).

  • Boosted Productivity: Acquire tools to streamline workflows and enhance overall productivity.

  • Inspired Innovation and Creativity: Engage in cross-functional collaboration for diverse perspectives.

  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: Contribute to higher morale and satisfaction within the organisation.


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scheduled dates



Investment  *$1,950 ex gst

*Investment does not include accommodation or evening meals

Bespoke Design


An organisation's decision to invest in a bespoke design for its training and development programs is driven by the recognition that one size does not fit all. A bespoke design allows the organisation to tailor learning experiences to its specific needs, aligning training content with the unique challenges, goals, and industry dynamics it faces. This customisation ensures that employees are not only learning relevant skills but also applying them directly to their daily work, fostering a more impactful and sustainable learning experience.

Furthermore, a bespoke design enables organisations to address specific pain points and strategic objectives with precision. Whether it's developing leadership skills, fostering a collaborative culture, or adapting to industry changes, a customised training program can hone in on these areas and more, providing a focused and efficient solution. This tailored approach not only maximises the return on investment by directly addressing organisational needs but also fosters a sense of engagement and ownership among employees, as they see the immediate applicability of the training to their roles and responsibilities.

What You Can Expect

  • Expert Advice and Guidance

  • Targeted Learning Objectives

  • Engagement and Interaction

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Focused Skill Development

  • Strategic Integration

  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

  • Maximised ROI on Training Investments

  • Confidentiality and Privacy

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