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Welcome to a transformative coaching experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Annette’s coaching services are a highly targeted and potent form of personal development, propelling individuals beyond generic concepts to gain fresh perspectives and essential skills. Annette's coaching is distinct, drawing upon her comprehensive toolkit of human behaviour expertise. This approach provides practical insights into behaviour change and the adaptability to address diverse situations.

Annette employs specialised tools such as the Talogy – JCA Personality Type Profile, The Human Element (Rooted in the original FIRO Theory), and cutting-edge Emotional Intelligence training and assessment products. 

At the core of Annette's philosophy is the belief that the coaching process should align seamlessly with your organisation's strategic direction, enhancing individual performance within the broader business framework. 

Whether you prefer on-demand coaching or seek integration into your performance management system, Annette collaborates with you to align coaching with other development initiatives, individual performance goals, and the broader objectives of both the coachee and your business. Elevate your performance with Annette's unparalleled coaching approach.

Benefit from the following during coaching sessions:

  • Deeper self-awareness

  • Increased self-accountability (choice)

  • Ability to create behaviour change in self and other

  • Improved self-management skills

  • Improved relationship building skills

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Measured improvement

  • Defined outcomes

  • Clear pathway of achievement mapped

Coaching tools features:

  • Talogy – JCA Personality Type Profile

  • Access to global leading tools

  • Alignment of individuals and organisational needs

  • Qualified coach in leading edge career development programmes

  • Coach with wide business experience and practical methodologies

Contact Annette and explore how coaching can support you, your team and your business.

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